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sep holds q1 safety production committee meeting in 2021

on january 13, sep held the safety production committee meeting for the first quarter of 2021. wei juliang, sep president, deputy party secretary and director of safety production committee, presided over the meeting and made a speech. deputy president huang chen, the company leader zhai deshuang, cfo chen wenhao and discipline inspection committee secretary li e attended the meeting.

the meeting studied the education video on accident warning and the spirit of spic's seminar on the construction of double prevention mechanism, reviewed the report on the work safety situation in 2020 and the work safety goals and key tasks in 2021, studied the work safety performance supervision situation and the rectification measures and plan of spic, announced the company's work of three-year action on safety production, and reviewed the selection result of advanced collectives and individuals in safety and environmental protection and the special work plan of qhse in 2021.

wei juliang stressed that all the staff of the company should add pressure to themselves from the beginning of the year, stay tenacious like a bamboo deeply rooted in the rocks, focus closely on the annual work safety goals, leave no stone unturned, take multiple measures and implement precise measures to promote epidemic control and production safety in a coordinated manner, and lay a solid foundation for ensuring the completion of various objectives and tasks in the first year of the 14th five-year plan period. he also put forward a few requirements as follows:

first, seriously study and implement the important remarks and instructions on work safety by general secretary xi jinping, firmly establish the concept of safe development, deeply understand that "development must not be achieved at the expense of safety", strengthen the responsibility and effectively enhance the safety awareness of all employees.

second, continue to strictly implement the "normalized" epidemic prevention and control measures, never drop guard, erase the passive spirit in the war against the virus, continue to tighten the strings of epidemic prevention and control, adhere to moving the defense line forward, with unrelenting efforts to carry out epidemic prevention and control measures, and make sure that there is no shortage in the stockpile of epidemic prevention materials.

third, learn the lessons from the accident, pay close attention to the improvement of safety production management, take spic's safety production performance inspection and rectification, special rectification and improvement on safety production management and work of three-year action on work safety as a starting point, set up the mentality of returning to zero, strengthen the end management, refine rectification measures, reinforce tracking and supervision, adhere to drawing inferences about other cases from one instance, and ensure successful efforts of the rectification and improvement work.

fourth, insist on "zero casualties" as the annual safety target unswervingly, and promote the production safety work in 2021 systematically.

fifth, continue to advance the construction of qhse management system, and improve the company's quality management and system construction level to a new level.

sixth, raise the political stance, establish a sense of "red line" for ecological and environmental protection, implement the responsibilities for ecological and environmental protection solidly, and intensify the publicity and learning of laws and regulations on ecological and environmental protection.

sep general counsel wu ming, deputy chief engineer dai sufeng and other members of the company's safety production committee participated in the meeting.

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