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hu jiandong visits spic zhejiang branch for research

from november 23-24, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong went to spic zhejiang branch for research and exchange. spic zhejiang branch president and deputy party secretary liu xingyi, party secretary, deputy president and labor union chairman ji guoping and party committee members and deputy presidents zou jianming, huang chuan'an and zhu wenwei attended the event.

at the research exchange meeting, hu jiandong introduced the development of formulation of spic's 14th five-year plan in east china undertaken by sep, and conveyed the focus of spic's future clean energy development in the yangtze river delta region. he said that sep will continue to give full play to the advantage of listed company platform and provide support for the development of various regional companies, and hoped that the leading companies of spic in jiangsu, zhejiang and shanghai regions will strengthen exchanges in project development, engineering construction, production technologies, etc. to create synergy.

liu xingyi welcomed hu's visit, and introduced the recent work progress, development focus and next-step initiatives of zhejiang branch.

during the research, hu and his delegation visited hangzhou production and operation center of zhejiang branch, and inspected the sites of anji caodang floating pv power station and changhong chain pv, energy storage and charging integration project.

the leaders of sep planning and development department, finance department, capital markets and investor relations department, as well as the relevant department heads of zhejiang branch participated in the research and exchange.

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