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sep restudies, redeploys, reimplements epidemic control

on november 17, 2020, sep held the twelfth meeting of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production leading group. hu jiandong, sep party secretary, chairman and leader of epidemic prevention and control leading group, presided over the meeting. wei juliang, president, deputy party secretary and deputy leader of the leading group, and the company leadership and leading group members guo baohong, huang chen, xia meixing, chen wenhao and li e, attended the meeting.

the meeting participants listened to the progress of epidemic prevention and control work of various task forces, and studied and deployed the relevant work in the next stage. hu pointed out that the company should fully understand the new situation and changes brought about by the global pandemic, always keep an eye on epidemic prevention and control, never lack vigilance and relax measures easily, and constantly improve the normalized ability of epidemic prevention and control.

hu jiandong put forward a few requirements for the next-step work as follows: first, implement the decisions and deployments of the cpc central committee and the state council seriously, and abide by the epidemic prevention regulations of spic and project sites strictly; second, implement all the epidemic prevention and control measures relentlessly, and advocate good habits such as wearing masks in closed places, social distancing and using serving chopsticks actively, so as not to relax  personal protection; third, pay constant attention to the changes of overseas epidemic development and epidemic control policies in various countries, observe the regulations of the host countries of the projects as well as spic's requirements for overseas epidemic prevention stringently, adjust measures to local conditions, and enhance caring for the staff while making reasonable arrangements for the personnel going abroad and returning home from abroad and implementing the relevant epidemic prevention measures for such personnel in migration thoroughly and meticulously; fourth, lay equal stress on the epidemic prevention and business development without fail, and carry out normalized epidemic control measures while going all out to accomplish the annual goals and tasks.

the company's general counsel wu ming, deputy chief economist shi mingwei and heads of various departments participated in the meeting.

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