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sep holds kick-off meeting on point-to-area, whole staff development

on the afternoon of november 13, 2020, sep held a kick-off meeting on point-to-area and whole staff development at the company headquarters. president and deputy party secretary wei juliang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. deputy presidents guo baohong and xia meixing were also present at the meeting.

wei juliang reviewed and affirmed the company's renewable energy development strategy and achievements since the 13th five-year plan period, pointing out that with the constant changes in renewable energy policy and gradual reduction in high-quality project resources, spic is vigorously developing integrated smart energy, which has put forward brand new requirements for the company's project development. in order to cope with the complicated and changeable situation and to ensure the realization of 14th five-year plan goals, the whole company must further expand way of thinking, explore innovations vigorously, and solidly promote the project development model of "independent development as the mainstay, cooperative m&a as a supplement".

wei put forward a few requirements on the company's project development model and relevant system and mechanism construction as follows: firstly, entrust various companies with the development responsibilities and hold them accountable; secondly, optimize the allocation of project development team; thirdly, further clarify the development direction and development area, mainly various energy projects of integrated smart energy, renewable energy and those within the operation scope, development area referring to the location of each company; fourthly, innovate the ways and means of project development boldly, adjust measures to local conditions, rely on its own advantages, combine all the resources available, and make every effort to obtain project resources; fifthly, adhere to laying equal stress on constraints and incentives, mobilize the enthusiasm of whole staff participation in development, and stimulate the creativity of the staff; sixthly, carry out special training on project development as soon as possible, conduct in-depth research on the difficulties and problems encountered in project development, and help each company resolve them in a timely manner.

wei stressed that various companies should attach great importance to the related work, specify responsibilities and measures, and effectively promote the implementation of the project development model which puts "independent development as the mainstay, and cooperative m&a as a supplement". young cadres and outstanding talents should be assigned to project development posts for training and exercise, so as to achieve a new situation of whole staff development as soon as possible and provide strong support for the company's sustained high-quality development.

at the meeting, sep new energy, sep xinda made a report on the implementation of "borrowing light program" respectively, and various departments and affiliated companies of sep attending the meeting elaborated the ideas and measures on point-to-area and whole staff development. the meeting further unified the thinking, reached a consensus, and strengthened confidence and determination, which is of great significance for the company to create a trend of project development rapidly.

the main leaders of planning and development department, international business department, capital markets and investor relations department and relevant affiliates in shanghai participated in the meeting. the main persons in charge of relevant affiliates outside shanghai and overseas joined in the meeting via video link.

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