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hu jiandong, wei juliang visit shenergy group chairman, president

on october 26, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong and president and deputy party secretary wei juliang paid a visit to the headquarters of shenergy group to meet with shenergy group party secretary and chairman huang dinan, president ni bin and their delegation. sep deputy president guo baohong, shenergy co., ltd. general manager xi liqiang and deputy general manager shu tong were also present.

hu jiandong expressed thanks to huang dinan and ni bin for their warm reception, introduced the development strategy of spic and sep, and shared the thoughts and practice of sep carrying out the "ecological priority and green development" strategy based on the yangtze river delta region and facing the yangtze river economic belt. he said that sep attaches great importance to the friendly relationship with shenergy group and hoped that the two sides could deepen exchanges and further cooperation.

huang dinan welcomed the visit of hu jiandong, wei juliang and their delegation. he said that the businesses of the two sides are closely related, and hoped that the two sides will maintain close communication in the future development, further strengthen exchanges and leverage their respective advantages in the cooperation, and jointly contribute to advancing the supply-side reform of energy and industrial upgrading.

the relevant leaders of sep general office and planning and development department participated in the meeting.

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