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hu jiandong urges young, middle-aged cadre training class students to rise to challenges, innovation and entrepreneurship bravely

on october 16, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong made a special visit to the company's eighth young and middle-aged cadre training class and attended a symposium for the trainees presided over by the human resources department of the company.

hu jiandong spoke highly of the training, saying that it is necessary to further strengthen the training of cadres, seek more effective training methods, and hold more cadre training courses in the form of exchanges and discussions.

centering on the overall strategy of sep's future development, hu used a series of key words such as "internal and external", "supply and demand", "new and old" to conduct in-depth exchanges with the trainees.

he stressed the following points: first, on "internal and external", we should insist on doing solid, in-depth and excellent in overseas development while being based on the yangtze river delta region and facing the yangtze river economic belt and the whole country in domestic development; second, on "supply and demand", we should vigorously develop clean energy and renewable energy on the supply side while speeding up the development of integrated smart energy in the fields of construction, transportation and industrial parks on the demand side; third, on "new and old", we should emancipate our minds, encourage innovation, be bold in practice, and deal with the relationship between old and new energy forms properly.

in a message to the trainees, he said that sep party committee attaches great importance to the training of young cadres, encourages young and middle-aged cadres to grow up and exercise themselves at the grass-roots level and achieve their career goals, and is increasing the efforts to select and employ outstanding young and middle-aged cadres.

he put forward a few requirements for young and middle-aged cadres as follows: first, they should study and implement the party's ideological line of proceeding from reality in handling all matters and seeking truth from facts, learn how to summarize, find the law, dig the essence, analyze the cause, proceed from the reality and find the solution to the problem, and enhance the skills of accomplishing work and starting businesses; second, they should be brave to face challenges, work hard and show their talents in the difficult and complicated environment; third, they should work boldly, play their own role, make innovations and start businesses on the big career stage of spic and sep, and continue to write brilliant new chapters of life.

at the symposium, the leader of the eighth young and middle-aged cadre training class reported the training situation, five trainee representatives gave speeches on various subjects, and more than 20 trainees shared their learning experience and put forward opinions and suggestions on the development of the company.

there were a total of 34 students in the eighth young and middle-aged cadre training class, among whom the post-80s accounted for 55.88%. during the training of over three months, the trainees took more than 80 micro-lessons, 4 live lessons and 5 offline classes, through which they learned the party's theory, the company's strategy, situation and tasks, management fundamentals and practices and other aspects of knowledge, and compiled five research reports on the topics of integrated smart energy development, new energy development, international development, innovative development and party construction respectively via offline seminars.

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