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hu jiandong convenes seminar on integrated smart energy system and mechanism construction

on september 17, 2020, sep held a unique salon on the construction of integrated smart energy system and mechanism, which was presided over by the company's party secretary and chairman hu jiandong. the company's party committee member and deputy president xia meixing was also present.

hu jiandong pointed out that innovation is the first driving force to lead development, and thus should be put in the first place. at present, the company should follow the deployment requirements of spic party leadership group, focus on promoting the system and mechanism construction of integrated smart energy, accelerate the establishment of organizational system and incentive mechanism matching the innovative development requirements for integrated smart energy, promote the implementation of project development as soon as possible, and accumulate replicable and propagable experience for spic. moreover, the company should deeply analyze the main essential features of integrated intelligent energy, formulate countermeasures one by one, develop operable and executable implementation measures, make full use of market-oriented incentive means, mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all subordinate units and all employees to the maximum extent, stimulate the vitality of the team, and form the mechanism and atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship for all.

the participants held a heated discussion on the integrated smart energy system and mechanism construction, and expressed their feelings that they were willing to speak out the ideas which they had dared not to say or think about in the past under a simplified environment with no leadership role and that a sense of "looking straight ahead" emerged and the reins of thinking were released. it is known that that the company will hold more and more innovative activities like this aimed at solving the sore points at work.

the related leaders of sep planning and development department, human resources department, capital markets and investor relations department, science and information technology department, policy and legal affairs department and other relevant departments participated in the seminar.

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