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liu mingsheng inspects sep

on august 12, 2020, spic party leadership group member and vice president liu mingsheng went to sep to conduct a research on international business development.

liu mingsheng listened to the work report on the current situation of international development,  strategic objectives, implementation methods, and safeguard measures by sep, and spoke highly of the company for its innovative methods and good practices of international development as well as the party construction of overseas projects. he stressed that the company should have firm confidence, insist on "going global", give full play to its own advantages, adhere to the development direction of large-scale and major projects, stick to doing what it is good at and focus on greenfield development, strictly control risks, prevent country risks in a timely manner, pay attention to internal and external cooperation, strengthen the training and motivation of talents, persist in compliance operation and establish objectives pragmatically. finally, liu put forward relevant requirements for ke project in pakistan.

wang yundan said that sep will take spic's "first-class strategy in 2035" as guidance, follow the deployment requirements for playing the "three decks of cards" well, unswervingly promote international development, boost project implementation with high quality, contribute more experience and achievements for spic, and strive to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in international development.

the related leaders of international business department of spic attended the meeting.

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