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xia zhong inspects sep

from june 10-11, 2020, spic party leadership group member and vice president xia zhong went to sep to conduct an inspection on legal construction and system building of central soe, carry out a field research on caojing power plant, caojing cogeneration and minghua electric power and hold a symposium with staff representatives. spic general counsel and director general of law and enterprise management department wu jianghong, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan, and deputy party secretary and president wei juliang attended the meeting.

at sep headquarters, xia zhong affirmed the result achieved by sep. regarding the next-step work, xia zhong required the company to implement the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee and the "two sessions" firmly, push the governance system and management ability modernization vigorously, execute spic's requirements for legal construction and system building of central soe earnestly and incorporate them into the overall work planning, apply the legal thinking and methods to deepening reform and promoting development, follow the goal and requirement of striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic, unite and lead the staff to overcome difficulties, forge ahead, and unswervingly boost innovative development to ensure the smooth completion of all the annual targets and tasks in 2020. sep should take advanced companies as the benchmark and learn from their advanced enterprise management methods actively, make good use of external force, conduct external exchanges and cooperation positively, improve the enterprise management continuously, especially in the aspect of system and process, continue to improve the management efficiency, further achieve strict and scientific corporate governance according to law, adhere to the requirement of "two one-kilometers", conduct planning in advance and insist on forward thinking and competitive spirit regarding clean energy transformation and management improvement, take the opportunity of this inspection, center on the existing problems and weakness, improve the weak links and give full play to its exemplary and leading role.

at caojing power plant, xia zhong listened to report on party construction, epidemic prevention and control, work safety, operation development, etc. by the power plant, heard the opinions and suggestions of staff representatives, and visited the coal dock, circular coal yard, centralized control room and other production sites. he stressed that the power plant should enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency for transformation and development, grasp the trend of energy transformation, step up exploration and innovation, construct and adopt jykj, sdsj and other management systems well, accomplish production safety, cost control, energy conservation and environmental protection and other work comprehensively, combine party building closely with central work, further strengthen talent training, cultural construction, caring for the staff, and build a united, harmonious, high-spirited staff team.

during his stay in shanghai, xia also went to caojing cogeneration and minghua electric power to hear related work reports, and spoke highly of their achievements.

spic discipline inspection and supervision department, law and enterprise management department, inspection office and relevant departments established a joint inspection team to conduct reviews on legal construction of central soe, system construction, compliance management, supplies procurement, inspection rectification, etc. of sep respectively, and affirmed the company's practice while proposing rectification opinions and suggestions on the problems found.

sep leadership group members, general counsel, heads of various departments and related subsidiaries and a few staff representatives participated in the research.

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