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sep holds 2020 annual work meeting, 4th session of 3rd workers' congress

on march 27, sep held the annual work meeting of 2020 and the fourth session of the third workers' congress. this meeting is the first of its kind to be divided into a main session, 22 domestic parallel sessions and three overseas parallel sessions as the company's epidemic response level was lowered from level 1 to below level 2. having strictly complied with the prevention and control requirements for level 1 response in both form and agenda, the whole meeting achieved a complete success after going through the procedures stipulated by the workers' congress and the work meeting.

sep chairman and party secretary wang yundan, president and deputy party secretary wang huaiming, party committee members and deputy presidents  guo baohong and xia meixing, and cfo chen wenhao, and party committee member and discipline inspection committee secretary li e attended the meeting. the meeting was presided over by party committee member and deputy president huang chen.

in his speech, wang yundan said that 2019 marks a year when sep made concerted efforts to forge ahead. in the past year, sep has pressed ahead with determination, fulfilled the profit assessment target set by spic two months ahead of schedule, overfulfilled various tasks assigned by spic, conducted development and management work with rapid and steady pace, and obtained satisfactory results.

regarding the work experience in 2019, wang yundan said that adhering to "three thousands" hardworking spirit enabled sep to be filled with vigor; insisting on uniting as one made the atmosphere of unity and struggle stronger; sticking to caring for employees improved the sense of gain of the staff year by year.

on epidemic prevention and work resumption, he spoke highly of the work carried out in the previous period, and expressed thanks to all the departments, affiliated companies and employees sticking to anti-epidemic front lines for their outstanding achievements, while calling on all to learn from the heroes in harm's way, boost their spirit and encourage the company's party members and cadres at all levels to overcome the current crisis.

on striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of "first-class strategy in 2035", wang yundan required all the cadres and staff to appreciate the situation, address the unprecedented change which is once in a century positively, grasp the opportunities and challenges of energy revolution and digital transformation accurately, deal with the relationship between "big and small" and "far and near" correctly, adapt to the trend, apply the "two one-kilometers" well, and take the initiative to accomplish work.

as for the work in 2020, wang yundan raised a few requirements as follows: first, stick to the annual business goals and key tasks firmly, do a good job in "efficiency first", make great efforts in the "two one-kilometers" and take more practical measures in "double benchmarking and double incentives", so as to ensure that we can finish the 12-month work with high quality within nine months.

second, adhere to the thinking of lean management and rely on lean and benchmarking to grasp the existing business. third, persist in turning crisis into opportunity, and expand the incremental business by value creation. fourth, insist on leveraging the advantage of party leadership and promote further improvement in various capabilities.

at the meeting, wang huaiming delivered a work report titled "adhere to new development concept, speed up high-quality development and strive to become pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class clean energy enterprise".

the report comprehensively reviewed sep's working achievements in 2019: first, work safety and ecological and environmental protection obtained remarkable effect; second, the annual operating performance was overfulfilled; third, the quality and efficiency of transformation and development were improved; fourth, scientific and technological innovation was strengthened across the board; fifth, the enterprise reform has been deepening continuously; sixth, the enterprise management was optimized and enhanced; seventh, the party construction and mass organization building were strengthened in all respects.

the report made a profound analysis of the current and future situation and challenges, and put forward the overall requirements for the company's work in 2020: adhere to xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era as the guidance, fully implement the spirit of the 19th cpc national congress, the second, third and fourth plenary sessions of the 19th cpc central committee, earnestly carry out the spirit of spic's 2020 annual working meeting and second session of first workers' congress as well as various work requirements of shanghai municipal party committee and municipal government, stick to the new concept of development, high-quality development, reform and innovation, and "focusing on development, increasing profitability and promoting harmony", appreciate the situation, adapt to the trend and realize value creation, take promoting the implementation of spic's "first-class strategy in 2035" as the guidance, construct and adopt the "two systems" of strategic implementation well, focus on building "three leadings", create an enterprise with "three features", aim at the target of "zero death, zero loss and zero tardiness", push forward epidemic prevention, enterprise's safety production and operation management coordinatively, ensure to complete and strive to overfulfill annual goals and tasks, realize the successful completion of the 13th five-year plan, and attempt to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class clean energy enterprise.

meanwhile, the report pointed out that the company should focus on the following aspects in the work of 2020: first, always give top priority to the key tasks and major projects of spic; second, continue to boost the construction of intrinsic safety; third, adhere to sound management and quality and efficiency improvement; fourth, promote high-quality development unswervingly; fifth,  insist on the innovation-driven approach; sixth, persist in deepening internal reform of the enterprise; seventh, improve the management ability comprehensively; eighth, make every effort to contribute to winning the "three critical battles"; ninth, strengthen the party leadership and party building.

at the meeting, guo baohong conveyed the spirit of spic's annual work meeting of 2020 and the second session of first workers' congress as well as and the first enlarged party leadership group meeting in 2020.

the meeting participants also listened to the report on the usage of welfare expenses and business entertainment expenses in 2019 made by chen wenhao, and deliberated and passed the resolutions of the fourth session of third workers' congress.

the company's deputy chief engineer, deputy chief economists, persons in charge of various departments and subsidiaries, and worker representatives participated in the meeting on site or via video.

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