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wang yundan chairs epidemic prevention and work resumption leading group meeting

on the morning of may 15, 2020, sep held a leading group meeting on the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production at the company headquarters. the meeting was chaired by wang yundan, leader of epidemic prevention and work resumption leading group, and members of the leading group attended the meeting.

the meeting participants listened to and passed the situation report and related request for instructions by the company's professional groups including the epidemic prevention and work resumption safety group, news group, logistics support group, policy implementation research group, overseas epidemic prevention group and legal support group, and made arrangements for the epidemic prevention and production resumption in the next stage.

wang yundan stressed a few requirements as follows: first, carry out epidemic prevention and control in detail. continue to take effective measures to prevent and control the epidemic, such as wearing masks and conducting disinfection, which will gradually become a habit of sep staff. work tirelessly to prevent and control the epidemic. pay close attention to the risk level changes of covid-19 in other provinces and municipalities outside shanghai and adjust relevant prevention and control measures timely. second, improve caring for the staff. give full play to the role of party organizations, labor unions and youth league organizations at all levels, adhere to enhancing care for the staff sent overseas and outside shanghai, strive for the understanding and support of their family members, and work together to strengthen psychological counseling of expatriate staff in various projects, so as to ensure the staff team stability. give love and care to the staff working at overseas projects, and for those under great psychological pressure, actively seek support from their family members while intensifying psychological counseling and other caring measures, in order to comfort the staff with joint efforts. third, go all out to turn crisis into opportunity. strengthen policy studies on combating the epidemic, seize the policy opportunities, and make every effort to use policies in an effective and efficient manner, so as to create better conditions for boosting annual key tasks and major projects as well as realizing production and operation and improvement of quality and efficiency. all the overseas subsidiaries should also pay close attention to the changes in epidemic prevention policies in their localities and make positive response. fourth, leave no stone unturned to ensure the completion of various annual goals and tasks.  carry forward the spirit of "bite the green mountain and won't let go", push forward epidemic prevention, production and operation development in a coordinated manner, focus on annual key tasks and major projects, fuel management, marketing and sales, digital construction and smart energy development, and make best effort to achieve all the annual goals and tasks and strive to exceed them.

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