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wang yundan meets spic assistant president, ugtc chairman

on may 14, 2020, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan met with shu guogang, spic assistant president and ugtc party secretary and chairman, and his delegation at sep headquarters.

wang yundan welcomed the visit of shu guogang and his delegation, exchanged views on sep's overseas business development and minhang gas-fired power generation project with them, and introduced the company's construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance situation of gas-fired internal combustion engines. wang said that sep will follow the requirements and deployment of spic, continue to pool the strength of the whole company, leverage its own experience, results and technologies, provide support for the r&d, testing and verification work of ugtc without reservation, and carry out various tasks entrusted by ugtc.

shu guogang appreciated sep for its selfless dedication all along and hoped sep to assist in advancing the relevant work of ugtc as always.

the related leaders of sep and ugtc participated in the meeting.

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