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wang yundan, east china energy regulatory bureau chief inspect minhang gas-fired power generation

on april 17, 2020, qiu shuilu, secretary of party leadership group and chief of east china energy regulatory bureau, deputy chief yang mengyun and a delegation went to sep minhang gas-fired power generation project to conduct a safety inspection on epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. sep chairman and party secretary wang yundan, party committee member and deputy president guo baohong and shanghai electric power construction co., ltd. chairman and party secretary jiang lindi participated in the inspection.

qiu shuilu and his delegation went to the construction site of minhang gas-fired power generation to carry out a field investigation on the progress of the project, inspected the safety construction organization, construction risk control, hidden trouble detection and treatment, and the preparation work for typhoon and flood prevention of the project, and obtained a detailed understanding of the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.

wang yundan made a report focusing on the domestic and overseas epidemic prevention and control work, and overall resumption of work and production as well as work safety of sep. under the premise of persistent efforts to improve epidemic prevention and control and work safely, sep is pooling the wisdom and strength of all the participating units to build minhang gas-fired power generation into a clean, efficient, reliable, beautiful and digital world-class gas-fired demonstration power plant, said wang.

following the field inspection and report debriefing, qiu shuilu spoke highly of sep for the practice and solid implementation of epidemic prevention, work resumption and safety production as well as operation development, highlighting the company's accurate development direction, good efficiency, high quality and bright future. regarding the next stage of work, he put forward a few requirements as follows: first, implement the main responsibility for work safety, with all the units involved in the construction focusing on joint management and the main person in charge stressing specific work; second, pay attention to the site control and troubleshooting of hidden dangers, in order to eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents; third, strengthen the coordination and cooperation between the parties of construction, engineering and supervision, and intensify the whole process management of the project; fourth, improve education, enhance safety quality, and ensure the actual effect of safety education and training; fifth, do a good job in preventing typhoon and flood, complete early deployment with attention from the leadership, implement comprehensive investigation, highlight key areas in reinforcing pre-control, and consolidate duty shifts with a smooth information channel.

the related leaders of general office and electricity safety supervision division of east china energy regulatory bureau, sep general office and safety, quality and environmental protection department and minhang gas-fired power generation joined in the inspection.

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