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shanghai regional coordination agency holds 1st work meeting

on february 12, 2020, the first working meeting of shanghai regional coordinating agency was held by video at sep headquarters. the meeting was chaired by wang yundan, shanghai regional coordinator, party secretary and chairman of sep.

the leaders of member units including snerdi, spic energy engineering, snpas, speri, snpsc, spic talent college, spic aluminum international trading, cpi ronghe financial leasing and cpcec shanghai branch attended the meeting.

the meeting participants discussed the establishment plan and rules of procedure of shanghai regional coordination agency, and held exchanges on the development of regional work in the future.

the meeting stressed that to establish the rules of procedure and clarify the daily working body for shanghai regional coordination agency is the specific measure to implement spic's requirements of professionalization and regionalization and enhance the regional resources integration and factors coordination ability in shanghai. the establishment of a sound coordination mechanism in shanghai will be conducive to the integrated regional planning, government connection, market development, power marketing, brand construction and other work for spic's subsidiaries in shanghai, so as to ensure the implementation of spic's "first-class strategy in 2035" in shanghai first.

at the meeting, wang yundan pointed out that shanghai regional coordination agency should focus on the development goal of spic, take promoting regional strategic cooperation and executing important matters as the starting point, and take coordination and services as key work, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, and effectively carry out regional coordinating tasks. he put forward a few requirements as follows: first, each member unit should give full play to their own ability, take active actions, help each other, improve learning, exchanges and information sharing. second, stick to problem-orientation and goal-orientation, fully leverage the role of coordination agency as a platform for solving problems, form synergy, and serve various member units in addressing practical problems. third, speed up efforts to consolidate the results of the meeting and lay a solid foundation for the successful convening of the quarterly meeting in march.

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