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sep staff back to safe operation with high morale

give consideration to both epidemic prevention and safe work resumption

february 10 marks the day of work resumption for the whole system of sep, and also the first day when the non-production personnel at the company headquarters and subordinated unit adopted flexible office hours in accordance with the "less contact, less gathering" principle.

early in the morning, the company's headquarters building ushered in a formal "test" after almost a week of strenuous preparations. wang yundan, party secretary, chairman and leader of epidemic prevention and control leading group, came to the lobby on the first floor, checked the building's security, temperature measuring, mask wearing, disinfection of public areas, arrangement of temporary reception, etc. one by one, and spoke highly of the meticulous and thoughtful prevention measures. he noted that people around the country are united as one to fight against the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia at present.  he called on everyone to adhere to the prevention and control measures in a careful and practical way, provide a safe office environment for the employees and ensure their lives and health.

in accordance with the requirements of "obeying orders in all actions", all the staff of the company started the working modes of home office, online office, and taking turns to work in an orderly manner under the premise of meeting the work demand, and thus resumed safe operation with high morale, which raised the curtain of comprehensive work resumption.

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