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wang yundan chairs epidemic prevention and control work meeting

on the morning of february 7, 2020, the company held a routine working meeting on epidemic prevention and control at the headquarters. the meeting was presided over by wang yundan, party secretary, chairman and leader of epidemic prevention and control leading group. deputy president xia meixing and personnel from related departments were present at the meeting.

the meeting briefed the recent epidemic prevention and control work of the company, focused on studying and discussing the distribution principle of epidemic prevention materials, and made work deployment for the next stage.
wang yundan pointed out that under the overall situation of the epidemic, it is necessary to establish a mechanism for the distribution and dispatching of epidemic prevention materials that matches the battle against the disease, and to further carry out detailed work in the next stage, so as to resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.
he raised a few requirements as follows:
first, the primary principle for distribution and dispatching of anti-epidemic supplies such as masks is to give priority to the protection needs of continuous production personnel to ensure the safety and reliability of normal production and operation.
second, pay adequate attention to the canteen, meeting and cleaning personnel who provide services for the vast number of staff, and ensure protection of their personal health and safety to the greatest extent.
third, the distribution and dispatching should be under unified administration by general office and under supervision by discipline inspection office.
fourth, various units should play their main responsibility, and actively carry out their own procurement of epidemic prevention materials. in principle, they should immediately report to the company whenever the number of masks per capita is fewer than that for 3 days, and the company's emergency office will treat it in a unified manner.
fifth, further optimize and refine the incentive scheme for epidemic prevention and control, and offer timely and accurate incentives.
sixth, further improve regional coordination and express thanks to spic hubei branch and relevant associated companies for their assistance and support to sep's projects and closed power plants affected by the local epidemic prevention and control in hubei province.

leaders of sep general office, planning and development department, human resources department, policy and legal affairs department, international business department, production department, fuel management department and discipline inspection office and other relevant personnel participated in the meeting.

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