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sep steps up efforts to fight virus

on the morning of january 30, 2020, or january 6 on the chinese lunar calendar, sep held a special meeting on further prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic at the company headquarters. the meeting was presided over by wang yundan, party secretary, chairman and leader of epidemic prevention and control leading group. wang huaiming, president, deputy party secretary and deputy leader of epidemic prevention and control leading group, and deputy presidents guo baohong and xia meixing attended the meeting.

the meeting participants seriously studied the spirit of important instructions by xi jinping, general secretary of the cpc central committee, listened to the report on the recent epidemic prevention and control work by the related departments, analyzed the current epidemic situation, and made in-depth arrangement on implementing the decision and deployment of cpc central committee, the relevant requirements of shanghai municipal party committee and municipal government, and resolutely winning the battle to control the epidemic.

the meeting stressed that party organizations at all levels shall strictly implement the requirements of the "notice on strengthening party leadership and providing strong political guarantee for winning battle to control  epidemic", earnestly unify the thought and action in compliance with xi's important instructions, cpc central committee's decision and deployment, and the requirements of spic and shanghai government. meanwhile, take winning the war against the epidemic as a major political task at present, fully carry out the requirements of the company's notice on launching first-level response measures for major public health emergency, conduct the epidemic monitoring, screening, early warning, prevention and control work comprehensively, intensify joint prevention and control from spreading, keep strict guard at every corner to leave no dead angle, and accomplish solid prevention and control work of one's own department and company.

according to the related regulations of the state council and shanghai municipal government on extending the spring festival holiday, the meeting determined to extend the spring festival holiday for non-continuous-production personnel, in order to minimize the spread of the epidemic on the premise of ensuring work safety. during the extended holiday, the company required that leading cadres at all levels and relevant personnel should arrive on duty; strictly control the resumption of construction of various types of infrastructure, maintenance, technical renovation and other projects; strengthen the safe supply of fuel, liquid ammonia, gypsum and other production materials; intensify information delayering, and study and solve problems in epidemic prevention timely.

at the critical moment of epidemic control, wang yundan called on all departments and subordinated units to work together with one heart to overcome the current difficulties, make every effort to fight the epidemic and win the final victory, and focus on the following work:

various subsidiaries should fulfill the entity responsibility for epidemic prevention, strictly control the flow of personnel, reduce the gathering of personnel, and strengthen routine quarantine inspection and health protection. first, in principle, overseas subsidiaries shall suspend foreign assignments of personnel on business (including dispatching and overseas assignment) and temporary outbound missions in the near future, and fully implement the relevant requirements and measures of the local government and chinese embassies and consulates in the host country for epidemic prevention. second, domestic subsidiaries shall ask the personnel and staff with non-urgent posts from hubei province to postpone the return to shanghai and to stay at home for self-quarantine properly; extend the time of home isolation for medical observation for those with high risks of infection; for those employees, including contractors, who need to return to work in the near future, they shall report to their own communities and neighborhood committees of their residence as soon as they return to the place of residence, and execute medical observation, isolation and other measures strictly as required. third, if any employee or his or her family member has cough, fever or other symptom and is diagnosed with infection, they should immediately report to their community and the neighborhood committee where they live, and strictly implement medical observation, isolation and other measures. fourth, party organizations, labor unions and youth league organizations at all levels shall enhance caring of the isolated staff, in order to ensure the stability of the staff team.

every subsidiary should strengthen the temperature checking of the passengers of shuttle buses, in particular attaching great importance to the temperature measuring for passengers of operation personnel shuttle buses, and must complete the measurement of temperature and ensure that the passenger has a normal body temperature before allowing he or she to get on the bus, to make sure of early detection and early prevention of the epidemic.

all the subsidiaries should intensify personnel management, minimize the contact and gathering among production personnel and non-production personnel, and further consolidate the control of external personnel. if there is need to enter the plant area, the personnel must be registered and have their temperatures checked, and then shall be allowed to enter.

the headquarter office building of the company shall strictly perform the access control, and set up the places of temperature measuring, temporary isolation and designated reception or meeting. the management measures of canteen and parking lot shall be further refined to reduce personnel gathering. during the period of epidemic prevention, the company will not provide breakfast. meanwhile, organize the sanitary disinfection work on production sites, office space, parking lots, etc.

all departments and subsidiaries shall pay high attention to ensure people's life safety and health, and earnestly organize all employees and contractors to sign the "health commitment letter for work resumption" when entering the company for the first time after the festival. those who stay at home for self-quarantine for 14 days or 7 days shall sign the letter of commitment for home isolation and observation.

the company shall speed up the formulation and issue of epidemic prevention work manual of the headquarters for the use of the staff and related personnel, and instruct the subordinated units, and formulate the corresponding prevention and control work books in accordance with this manual combining their respective characteristics, and report to the company's emergency office for record.

improve the supply of anti-epidemic materials such as masks, overseas companies that meet the requirements should actively utilize the overseas project resources to help purchase relevant materials such as masks.

enhance caring and consolation work for the family members of employees fighting on the front line of the coronavirus battle, organize all units to speed up the statistics work of relevant personnel, carry out classified condolence payments, and send caring to them on behalf of the organization.

reinforce the publicity work, publicize the work deployment of the company's party committee as well as the advanced examples and touching stories on the epidemic prevention and control work of employees and their family members timely, strengthen the propaganda and popularization of virus prevention and relevant knowledge, and actively promote positive energy.

dai sufeng, deputy chief engineer and director of engineering management department of the company, leaders of general office, planning and development department, human resources department, international business department, supplies and procurement department, production department, engineering management department, safety, quality and environment protection department and party affairs department (labor union office) and other relevant personnel participated in the meeting.

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