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sep holds q1 safety production committee meeting in 2020

on january 8, sep held the safety production committee meeting for the first quarter of 2020. wang yundan, chairman, party secretary and director of safety production committee chaired the meeting. president, deputy party secretary and deputy director of safety production committee wang huaiming, and deputy presidents and party committee members guo baohong and huang chen attended the meeting.

at the meeting, wang huaiming conveyed the requirements for conducting centralized rectification of work safety by the work safety committee office of the state council, the videoconference on power production safety held by national energy administration, and the spirit of the first safety production committee meeting of spic in 2020. the meeting participants reviewed the company's work safety situation in 2019, work safety goals and major tasks for 2020, selection of advanced collectives and individuals in safety and environmental protection in 2019, adjustment of safety production committee members, revision to the work safety responsibility system, special qhse work plans in 2020, etc.
wang yundan affirmed the achievements made in safety production work last year, noting that the company realized the annual safety goal of "zero casualty" in 2019, with the number of non-planned outages of the units decreasing greatly year-on-year, having won the title of "outstanding work safety company in shanghai" for eight straight years, along with the glories of global performance excellence awards (gpea) 2019 and the 18th china quality award, having completed the power supply guarantee task for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the prc and the second china international import expo (ciie) successfully, which provides important support for the company's operation and development.
the meeting analyzed the current work safety situation and main existing problems, and deployed the key tasks for work safety in 2020. wang yundan put forward a few requirements as follows: first, pay special attention to grasping the policy arrangements of the government and spic, and establish the safety concept of "zero casualty" firmly; second, attach great importance to scientific planning, and uphold the working goal of "zero casualty"; third, focus on organization and guarantee, and make sure to accomplish all the tasks on "zero casualty" comprehensively. finally, he called on all the affiliated companies and various departments to ensure the implementation of related safety responsibilities practically in accordance with the requirements of relevant state departments and spic on centralized rectification of work safety and safety production work around the spring festival, and guarantee the safety and stability at the turn of the year.
sep general counsel wu ming, deputy chief engineer and director of engineering management department dai sufeng, and other members of the company's safety production committee participated in the meeting.

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