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wang yundan inspects wujing power plant on new year's day

on january 1, 2020, sep chairman and party secretary wang yundan and his delegation went to wujing power plant, expressed thanks to the staff sticking to their posts on the front line on behalf of the company, and brought holiday caring and greetings to them.

wang went to the coal wharf, flood control dike and central control room of the power plant, inquired of the operation personnel on duty about the detailed situation of unit operation, protection against cold and freezing conditions, and safety and environmental protection, held cordial talks with the staff, and wished them good health, and all the best in their work and family.


subsequently, wang and his delegation listened to the work review in 2019 and working ideas in 2020 by the power plant gm lu xingkang.

wang affirmed the power plant for the achievements made in the past year, and said that the power plant has made new progress in all aspects of work, demonstrating full of energy and vigor especially. he appreciated all the staff for their hard work.

meanwhile, he put forward a few requirements for the power plant in 2020 as follows: first, as a central soe, the power plant should "stay true to its original aspirations", with the party members playing am exemplary role and leading the staff to devote themselves to the transformation and development of the enterprise; second, the power plant should further resort to qhse improvement, enhance the fundamental work, strengthen the safety foundation, and extend safety management to various fields of work in and outside the power plant; third, the power plant should continue to improve the basic quality and versatile talents of the staff team, in order to greet the challenge actively and prepare for the future of the enterprise and staff; fourth, the power plant should further "move the defense line forward", lay a solid foundation for the unit equipment, and increase the blending combustion ratio of the brown coal, so as to ensure the safety and economy of unit operation; fifth, it should stick to the good working method adopted in 2019, bring the employees together, fill the enterprise with more strength and vitality in the new year, and cultivate more talents for sep. eventually, he wished wujing power plant a thriving business in 2020 and the staff with happiness and good health.
the related leaders of sep general office, production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department, corporate culture department and wujing power plant joined in the inspection trip.

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