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sep holds 4th joint meeting for 3rd session of 3rd workers' congress

on december 27, 2019, sep held the fourth joint meeting of the third session of the third workers' congress at the company headquarters. sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan attended the meeting and made a speech.

the meeting fully discussed and unanimously passed the transition scheme on retirees resolution mechanism and the amendment to compensation management system on employees sent abroad by secret ballot, and also reviewed and passed the amendments to regulations on workers' congress, plant affairs publicity system and poverty alleviation work management system.

in his speech, wang yundan pointed out that 2019 is the year of comprehensive and high-quality development for sep. over the past year, the company has been adhering to all-round innovation, deepening reform and corporate governance in accordance with the law. all cadres and staff have fully carried forward the "three thousands" hardworking spirit, completed a number of major tasks, and made fruitful and satisfactory achievements in various aspects of work. he stressed that the results achieved by the enterprise cannot do without the diligent work of all staff, while the staff's aspiration for a better life cannot do without the sustained and healthy development of the enterprise, and therefore, the company will further train and rely on all cadres and staff to dare to shoulder responsibilities, be bold in make innovations and be good at accomplishing work. first, promote the common development of workers and the enterprise, and enable all the staff to share the fruits and benefits of reform, innovation and development together with the enterprise; second, stick to "value creation" as the guidance, continue to improve positive incentives, encourage employees to innovate and create, and further boost high-quality development of the enterprise; third, strengthen the cultivation of youth talent team, provide more opportunities and better conditions for youth staff to display their talent and realize their potential, and urge them to explore innovations and continue to strive for the company's vision.

in addition, the meeting summarized and reviewed the cascade assistance work in 2019, deliberated and approved the applications for aiding 11 employees with difficulties in 2020, and deployed special visits during the new year and spring festival holidays to the homes of workers sent abroad and other work arrangements.

the heads of various delegations of sep workers' congress, members of labor union committee, representatives of the company's model workers and advanced individuals and personnel of relevant departments participated in the meeting.

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