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wang huaiming inspects caojing cogeneration, caojing power plant

on december 10, 2019, sep president wang huaiming led a team to caojing cogeneration and caojing power plant to conduct an inspection. sep deputy president huang chen participated in the inspection.
at caojing cogeneration, wang huaiming and his delegation listened to the work report on the main work and unit maintenance in 2019 by ban yongmei, deputy discipline inspection committee secretary and general affairs department chief of the power plant, and held discussions on the c-class repair of unit 1, recent repair arrangement, annual repair schedule in 2020 and linkage heating with caojing power plant. subsequently, they went to the central control room, inquired about the unit operation and heat supply situation carefully, learned about the progress of smart heating network project, and put forward the optimization advice on the project in the next step.

at caojing power plant, wang huaiming and his delegation listened to the special report on annual work safety, equipment management, economic indicators, sludge treatment, heating management and caojing phase ii project by the power plant ge li feng, and highly affirmed the achievements made by the power plant in 2019.
regarding the next-step work, wang huaiming put forward a few requirements as follows: first, take the profit maximization of the parent company as the guidance, base on the premise of guaranteeing the heating reliability of the chemical industry park customers solidly, further optimize the win-win combined heating model of caojing power plant and caojing cogeneration through reasonable maintenance arrangement and strengthening coordination of heating operation shift chief, continue to improve competitiveness and maintain the position in the heating market of the chemical industry park; second, continue to intensify publicity on the sludge treatment work, adapt to the trend, respond to the caring of the government, keep increasing the sludge consumption, and continue to focus on the potential negative impact of unit status and environmental protection emission in the process of sludge treatment; third, regarding the newly increased heating demand from secco, push forward the preliminary work of caojing phase ii project actively, make a special plan to ensure that customer demand will be met during the interim period, attempt to guarantee the target market while further enhancing the sep brand; fourth, insist on attaching greater importance to work safety than operation and development, promote the contractor safety management and shift team safety construction deeply, improve intrinsic safety capacity based on fundamental management, and provide experience and standards for the work safety of sep and spic.

the related leaders of sep planning and development department, production department, sales and marketing department, safety, quality and environmental protection department, caojing cogeneration, caojing power plant, sep engineering, sep operation joined in the inspection.