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wang huaiming inspects wujing power plant for ciie guarantee

on november 1, 2019, sep president wang huaiming went to wujing power plant to conduct a special inspection on the guarantee work for the upcoming china international import expo (ciie).



wang huaiming listened to the report on the ciie power supply guarantee scheme and implementation situation made by the power plant, checked the coal yard, oil depot, ammonia station, gypsum storehouse, etc. successively, and inquired about the coal types and storage of the coal yard, power generation and environmental protection equipment operation in detail.



at the subsequent inspection feedback meeting, wang huaiming praised the power plant's preparation work for the ciie power supply guarantee on the whole, and raised a few specific requirements as follows: firstly, further refine the ciie power supply guarantee measures in a targeted manner, and continue to carry out various aspects of work including production material reserves and waste disposal; secondly, keep control on the risk operations, and suspend those operations and activities relating to unit maintenance work with relatively high safety risks during the ciie; thirdly, ensure that all environmental protection facilities are under safe operation and meet the ultra-low emission requirements; fourthly, strictly implement various measures on security and network information safety; fifthly, arrange the shift, emergency on-duty shift and information reporting work during the ciie.



in addition, wang huaiming put forward requests on the production safety and brown coal blending combustion work in future, especially stressing that the power plant should complete the popularization for the good practices of shift team safety construction and contractor safety management according to the timeline, consolidate safety management foundation and improve safety risk prevention and control.


the related leaders of sep production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department and wujing power plant participated in the inspection.

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