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spic external directors inspect sep

on october 22 and 24, 2019, spic external directors zhu hongjie, li jiamo, yang jixue and dai deming inspected sep with a delegation, and carried out a field research on sep yangshupu power plant project and new bund energy center project. spic chief economist gao guangfu, general office (board of directors office) deputy director general zhang jinfeng, sep chairman and party secretary wang yundan, president and deputy party secretary wang huaiming and related personnel participated in the research.



at the inspection work report meeting, the external directors fully affirmed sep's achievements made in the aspects of operation performance, overall innovation, scientific management, international development and key task progress in the process of resolutely promoting the implementation of "first-class strategy in 2035", and put forward a few requirements as follows:


first, continue to optimize the industrial structure, and speed up the transformation towards "an advanced energy technology developer, clean and low-carbon energy provider and energy ecosystem integrator"; second, continue to improve various economic indicators, and maintain a good development momentum; third, continue to enhance the international development capability, and strive to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic; fourth, continue to leverage the role of listed company, and properly deal with the relationship between platform companies and regional companies; fifth, further strengthen scientific governance, and produce more experience in modern enterprise system construction and directorate construction; sixth, lose no time to conduct research on the two major subjects, i.e., inadequate subsidies for new energy projects and further lowering financing costs.



at yangshupu power plant, the external directors visited the power plant history showroom, listened to the introduction to the life of martyr wang xiaohe, toured the former site of steam turbine room, an outstanding historical building of shanghai, visited sep staff photography, calligraphy and painting exhibition titled "stay true to original aspirations, keep mission in mind and witness hundred-year electricity with light and shadow", inspected the landscape of yangpu riverside at the plant site, acquired a detailed understanding of sep's historical inheritance, project construction, innovative development, staff style and related situation, inquired about the transformation, development and progress of industrial upgrading of the power plant, and expressed sincere hope for the power plant in building a new landmark of global city of excellence integrating the industrial culture, "red culture" and shanghai-style culture.



at the new bund energy center, the external directors watched the advertising video on the new bund natural gas distributed energy project, had a detailed understanding of the technical route, equipment allocation, economic efficiency and customer service of the project, and spoke highly of the project for the continuous advancement of customer coordination and operation optimization.


the leaders of sep, related departments and subsidiaries joined in the inspection.

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