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wang huaiming inspects minghua electric power

on october 23, 2019, sep president and deputy party secretary wang huaiming went to minghua electric power laboratory and r&d center located at changyang campus to conduct a special survey.



at the electrical lab, wang huaiming listened to the report on the application progress of dc microgrid technology based on autonomous floating voltage at hongqiao venture capital harbor delivered by minghua electric power, and pointed out that the company should clarify the applicable objects and range for the project, continue to improve the competitiveness of the technology, and further consider how to address the new trend of diversified development of energy forms.



at the meeting room, the leadership group of minghua electric power reported the progress of science and technology innovation mechanism and sci-tech enterprise stock option incentive respectively. wang huaiming put forward a few requirements as follows: first, thinking should keep pace with the times, and the development of minghua electric power should be placed in the general situation of spic, shanghai area and sep and meanwhile in the context of the advancement of the times to meditate on the future development orientation of the enterprise; second, minghua electric power shall become the main front and talent highland for the science and technology innovation of sep. on the one hand, motivate the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of the staff through innovative incentive and restraint mechanism, in order to give full scope to the talents and bring forth a galaxy of talents. on the other hand, build core technology with competitive advantage through positive application of new achievements in technological progress, properly grasp the two key elements of coordination and crossover in the uphill battle of transformation and development, vigorously make new technological breakthroughs, seize new fields and cultivate new talents, in order to inject continuously new life to the enterprise and keep the thriving vitality of the enterprise. third, continue to promote reform with all dimensions, seek new breakthroughs actively, improve the reform plan and contribute the wisdom of minghua electric power.



the leaders of sep human resources department, science and information technology department and policy and legal affairs department present at the meeting expressed that they would provide support and guidance for minghua electric power in terms of development orientation, diversified competition and resource allocation optimization.



in accordance with the new requirements proposed in this inspection, the leadership group of minghua electric power will strictly implement the requests of wang huaiming, work in a down-to-earth manner while aiming for the highest, endeavor to create a new situation of reform and innovation for sci-tech enterprise, and go all out to assist sep in becoming the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in realizing the strategy for the new era.


the related leaders of sep human resources department, science and information technology department and policy and legal affairs department participated in the inspection.

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