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spic holds east china region marketing plan work meeting of 2020 at sep

on october 11, 2019, spic east china region marketing plan work meeting of 2020 was held at sep. spic electricity marketing center division chief han fang and deputy chief jiang yanli, sep president wang huaiming, and electricity marketing officers of sep, spic jiangsu company, china power international, spic anhui company, spic fujian company attended the meeting.



wang huaiming expressed warm welcome to spic marketing center and all the meeting delegates on behalf of sep, gave a brief introduction to the company's general situation, and shared his thoughts on the electricity marketing work as follows: first, participate in the whole process of electricity market construction actively, take the initiative to undertake related research tasks, and attempt to influence and promote the policy and rule making and building process of the power market in all aspects; second, pay attention to the key roles of customers and long-term contracts, develop and maintain customers of long-term contracts, and ensure stable electricity supply for long-term contracts; third, attach importance to the role and function of governments in the electricity market, take the initiative to communicate and report to the governments, reflect the difficulties and demands of power generation enterprises and lodge demands actively, and jointly create a good business environment.



at the meeting, various companies gave detailed reports on the electricity marketing work progress in 2019, electricity market situation analysis in 2020, and marketing goal, strategy and key tasks in 2020 respectively. the meeting participants also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions.



having listened to the reports by various companies, han fang affirmed the marketing work of various companies in east china region in 2019, and put forward a few requirements for the marketing plan in 2020 and the next-step key tasks as follows: firstly, fully recognize the importance of marketing work, study and master the existing policies and keep track of the development trend of policies, complete the electricity market situation prediction and risk analysis in 2020, make targeted marketing strategy and accomplish marketing planning work; secondly, lead and maintain industry self-discipline actively, strengthen communication with other power generation enterprises in the same province, facilitate the awareness of various enterprises for industry self-discipline, and supervise and report those behaviors against industry self-discipline; thirdly, complete the marketing system construction work of various provinces on schedule with high quality, and improve the coordination of various companies in the same province; fourthly, focus on the construction of electricity sales companies, develop customers actively, enhance customer loyalty based on increasing the customer amount and agent electricity sales, and explore and summarize related procedures and regulations which apply to the risk control, marketing and personnel management of power sales companies proactively.

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