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wang yundan inspects caojing cogeneration, caojing power plant, greets frontline staff

on october 2, 2019, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan went to caojing cogeneration and caojing power plant to conduct inspection and research, and visited production sites to greet frontline staff warmly.


at caojing cogeneration, wang yundan listened to the work report on the production and management situation from january to september, negotiation with customers on contract renewal, production safety guarantee work on celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of prc and implementation of party's education campaign themed "staying true to our founding mission" by the power plant, and expressed greetings and thanks to all the grass-roots employees.



wang noted that the hard-won achievements of sep so far should be attributed to the diligent work of all the staff, hoped everyone to "know about the past, work hard now, and look to the future" and continue to realize the chinese dream. regarding the work safety and annual goals and tasks, he asked the power plant to insist on work safety, quality management, customer satisfaction improvement as well as innovation and creation. he also called on all the staff to make concerted efforts to realize spic's dream of "first-class strategy in 2035" and sep's dream.



afterwards, wang arrived at the central control room of caojing cogeneration, shook hands warmly with the frontline staff, expressed thanks to them for sticking to the posts and working hard during the festival, and presented gifts to them. he inquired about the unit operation, heat supply and related situation in detail, and showed great expectations for the career development of young employees at the power plant.


at caojing power plant, wang listened to the special report on the major work development in the recent period by the power plant, fully affirmed the power plant's achievements made in production, operation and enterprise management, pointed out that the enterprise should transform from capital creating value to skills creating value at present, and encouraged vast numbers of employees to make innovation and creation.



wang also put forward a few requirements for the power plant as follows: first, continue to maintain a good momentum of production and management, keep up the good work in power generation, steam sales amount and economic indicators of the units based on the good performance in completing various indicators in the first three quarters in 2019, adhere to the awareness of creating fine project, and ensure to complete and strive to outperform the goals set by sep; second, continue to speed up the transformation and development pace of the enterprise, push forward the sludge blending combustion, heat supply of the units, induced draft fan retrofitting for dual drive of steam and electricity and other related work steadily, accumulate the development momentum of the enterprise constantly, and better integrate into the life and business pattern of the city; third, never slacken in the journey of innovation, continue to carry out ability cultivation and improvement, become a maintainer of public relations, break through the limitation of the plant wall with good coordination and interconnection with associate companies, and comply with the principle of "safety, innovation and excellence"; fourth, carry out the party's education campaign themed "staying true to our founding mission" solidly, and push various businesses of the power plant to a new level.



the related leaders of sep general office, production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department, corporate culture department, caojing cogeneration, caojing power plant, sep operation and sep engineering participated in the inspection.

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