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sep holds demonstration construction company promotion meeting for building world-class enterprise

in order to promote the implementation of sep's objective to strive to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class clean energy enterprise, sep held a demonstration construction company promotion meeting for building world-class enterprise at tianji power plant recently. sep president wang huaiming attended the meeting and delivered a speech.



wang huaiming put forward a few requirements for the demonstration construction companies on building world-class enterprise as follows: first, accelerate the determination of benchmarks and indicator system construction for various demonstration construction companies, speed up the first breakthroughs in the major strategic frontier fields, realize the autonomous and controllable principle of key core technological areas, actively explore an effective way of standard, normal and in-depth information development, and vigorously enhance the international development level and industrial guidance capability of the enterprise; second, form an action plan of the demonstration construction company, give full play to the guiding role, and lead the building work in a systematic and comprehensive way, along with the completion time corresponding to the strategic goal of sep, the practicable determined goal corresponding to the national and international standards through the introduction of performance excellence model, and seeking and cultivating its own "first-class business card" focusing on the five aspects of first-class enterprise management, first-class talent team, first-class product and service quality, first-class channel and eco-environment protection, and first-class management efficiency; third, expedite the construction of organization system and coordinated promotion mechanism of demonstration construction for building world-class enterprise, with the top leaders improving the guidance and leadership work; fourth, various sep departments should actively participate in the various aspects of work in the building process, giving priority to supporting and guiding various demonstration construction companies for the related work, and take the building work as the opportunity to create a better development environment and drive the internal development force of the enterprise.



at the promotion meeting, five demonstration construction companies gave detailed reports on the development of building world-class demonstration companies and the next-step work promotion plan respectively. and various departments of sep gave instructions and exchanged opinions combined with the key points of their respective professional areas.


the leaders of sep planning and development department, human resources department, finance department, policy and legal affairs department, production department, sales and marketing department and safety, quality and environmental protection department participated in the meeting, as well as the general managers of five demonstration construction companies including caojing power plant, caojing cogeneration, tianji power plant, sep new energy and dafeng offshore wind power.

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