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spic holds yangtze river delta regional development planning seminar in shanghai

on september 3, 2019, spic yangtze river delta regional development planning work seminar was held at sep headquarters. spic strategy and planning department deputy director general he yongjian attended the seminar. sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan participated in the related research. sep deputy president xia meixing attended the seminar and joined in the related research.



the seminar aimed to deeply implement the outline of integrated development of yangtze river delta region by the central government, focus on the two key points of "integrated" and "high quality", take spic's "first-class strategy in 2035" as the guidance, base on its own development advantages, and study the concept, goals and key tasks of spic's operation and development work in the yangtze river delta region systematically. at the meeting, the related departments of spic headquarters and various subsidiaries which operates and develops in the yangtze river delta region held in-depth exchanges and discussions.


he yongjian noted that to complete the planning of yangtze river delta regional development is an important bolster for the implementation of spic's "first-class strategy in 2035", and that the next-step work is to continue to carry out in-depth research together and form an effective planning structure. he also asked various affiliated companies within the region to pay high attention to the formulation of the plan.


xia meixing reported sep's suggestions on spic's high-quality and integrated development in the yangtze river delta region, and put forward the opinions on the formulation of the sub-plan of the energy ecosystem integration from the perspectives of goals, depth and key directions.


from september 3-4, wang yundan accompanied he yongjian and his delegation on the inspection trip to sep green energy, caojing cogeneration and other related affiliates and projects. he yongjian conducted a field research on the natural gas distributed energy project, integrated smart energy platform construction, menu-type service system and mobile pv power project.



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