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wang yundan lectures to cadre training class of 2019

on august 27, 2019, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan gave a lecture to the first batch of students from plant/department-chief-level cadre training class of 2019, with the title of "innovation, electricity market, method and art of becoming good chief and deputy leaders".



starting from the company's high-quality and sustainable development driven by innovation, wang yundan focused on the main problems confronted by the company in the process of innovative development as well as the construction emphases of the innovative system of "innovative comprehensive energy enterprise", compared the business formats of traditional and emerging markets, and led to what kind of thinking that the company should have, what it should do and how to do it while embracing the transformation opportunity. eventually, wang talked about how to become good chief and deputy leaders of an enterprise combining with the requirements for the leading cadres of soes in the new era.


guided by the "first-class strategy in 2035" of spic, the training class for plant/department-chief-level cadres in 2019 highlighted several key models including "staying true to the original aspirations", "spic's working requirements and sep's strategy", "latest news and events" and "energy market trend" based on the company's strategic development need, aiming to improve the comprehensive quality of leading cadres from the aspects of awareness, knowledge and skills, in order to accelerate sep's realization of high-quality and sustainable development and becoming the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in constructing the world-class clean energy enterprise.


the training course for plant/department-chief-level cadres is divided to four sessions, with a total of around 140 trainees from sep and its subordinated companies attending the four-day closed-door training.

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