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sep convenes 2019 mid-year enlarged party committee meeting

in order to carry out the party's education campaign themed "staying true to our founding mission" and implement the spirit of spic 2019 mid-year enlarged party leadership group conference in an in-depth manner, sep party committee held a group study session themed "staying true to our founding mission" and mid-year enlarged meeting of the party committee in 2019 at the company headquarters.



spic fourth inspection team head chen laihong attended the meeting. sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan presided over the meeting and made remarks. deputy party secretary and president wang huaiming, deputy party secretary and labor union chairman gu ai, party committee members and deputy presidents guo baohong and huang chen, party committee member and cfo chen wenhao delivered speeches on special research results, related reflections and situation of related work in charge. party committee member and deputy president xia meixing and discipline inspection committee secretary li e entrusted proxies to give speeches.



at the meeting, wang yundan summarized the completion of tasks in the first half of 2019, analyzed the situation confronting the company and the existing problems, and arranged the key tasks for the second half of the year.


wang noted that all staff of the company insisted on value creation, mobilized all positive factors to push forward the implementation of set tasks of jykj system vigorously, continued to make new achievements, exceeded the half-year goal of "half annual tasks reached", and laid a solid foundation for accomplishing the annual goals and tasks. moreover, the company realized substantial increase in operating performance, with the quality and efficiency of transformation and development further improved, internal reform of the enterprise deepened continuously, innovation and creation boosted steadily, safety, quality and environmental protection under control, and party construction and mass organization work further enhanced.


confronted with new situation and new tasks, we should have an in-depth command of the changes of external situation, deeply understand spic's work arrangements and requirements for the second half of 2019 as well as the existing problems and weakness in the reform and development of the enterprise, muster up the consciousness to face problems squarely and the courage to launch internal reform, establish the awareness of high-quality and sustainable development, reinforce weaknesses and carry forward strengths, and forge ahead on the road to high-quality development, wang said.


wang asked the company to bear the tasks and responsibilities, follow the principle of "daring to shoulder responsibilities, being brave to make innovations and being good at accomplishing work", and complete the work in the second half of the year in the following aspects: first, conduct the party's education campaign themed "staying true to our founding mission" with high quality; second, take the initiative to undertake the related major special projects and key tasks of spic; third, strengthen efficient operation of jykj system, make sure to complete annual goals and tasks and strive to overfulfill them; fourth, persist in doing something more important by leaving others undone, and speed up the transformation to "advanced energy technology developer, clean and low-carbon energy provider and energy ecosystem integrator"; fifth, build a study-based, research-oriented and innovative enterprise; sixth, further motivate the driving force of starting business and accomplishing work.


at the research result exchange session, wang yundan, wang huaiming, gu ai, guo baohong, huang chen, xia meixing, chen wenhao and li e shared their feelings and thoughts on the subjects of innovative development of the company, construction of a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness, "two-hundred action" comprehensive reform, safety development, talent team construction, transformation and development, high-quality development and comprehensive strengthening of party governance respectively.


sep general counsel wu ming, deputy chief economist zhang jian, deputy chief engineer dai sufeng, and major leaders of various departments and affiliated companies participated in the meeting. members of spic fourth inspection team and sep themed education leadership group office also attended the meeting.