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wang yundan attends bozhong offshore wind power project promotion meeting, visits spic shandong branch

from june 20-21, 2019, sep party secretary and chairman and his delegation went to shandong province to attend bozhong base bz3# offshore wind power preliminary work on-site promotion meeting, and paid a visit to spic shandong branch. sep party committee member and deputy president guo baohong was also present.



at the project promotion meeting held on june 20, wang yundan put forward a few requirements for bozhong offshore wind power project as follows: firstly, pay high attention to the project, seize the window period, and take full advantage of good-quality wind power resources in the middle bohai area; secondly, build up a strong organizational system, draw up an advanced gantt chart, and accomplish advance planning and race against time; thirdly, insist on high-quality development, realize efficient and reasonable configuration with system optimization, focus on equipment reliability all through the process, with one-time planning and implementation step by step, adhere to innovation and creation, take qhse as the key, and complete the four major controls of safety, quality, progress and cost; fourthly, cooperate with the partners sincerely, compile a relatively steady feasibility study report, pay attention to technology secrets and patents during the process, and make shareholders convinced, make peers comfortable and make employees happy in a real sense.



guo baohong noted that there is intense competition in offshore wind power projects at present, and that both cooperation parties should overcome difficulties, forge ahead, and jointly build the project into a demonstration project in shandong province. he also asked related parties to further deepen feasibility study report, reduce construction cost and non-technical cost, and lay a solid foundation for competitive allocation.


on behalf of the project partner, chen peng, vice president of zhongnan engineering corporation limited under power construction corporation of china, expressed that they will closely coordinate with sep, go all out to complete various special topic researches, make sure to accomplish various tasks and goals according to the timeline, and strive to build an offshore wind power project that will become the first to win approval, to start construction, and to complete grid connection in shandong province.


on june 21, wang yundan visited spic shandong branch and joined in a symposium, presided over by spic shandong branch president wang dongwei.



wang yundan introduced sep's historical evolution, general situation, operation and development situation as well as the innovation and achievements made in the renewable energy sector in recent years. he pointed out that the company is pushing forward various special topic researches on the offshore wind power project in shandong, improving resource support based on the "three main lines" of feasibility study report, organizational structure and preliminary work, and promoting the preliminary work for the project actively. meanwhile, the company is enhancing local services and consolidating the foundation for competitive allocation. he stressed that sep will follow the regional strategic layout of spic, communicate with shandong branch properly in project progress, achieve harmonious win-win of both sides, and make the project bigger and stronger together.


wang dongwei welcomed the visit of wang yundan and his delegation, with a brief introduction to the general situation, development status and next-step working thought of spic shandong branch. he indicated that the visit of sep delegation is a precious learning opportunity, hoping both sides to strengthen communication, improve project coordination work, and realize information flattening.


sep deputy chief engineer and director of engineering management department dai sufeng, and related leaders of sep planning and development department, supplies and procurement department and production department, as well as main leaders and relevant personnel of sep xinda participated in the above activities.

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