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wang huaiming visits kanshan power plant for safety inspection

on april 28, 2019, sep president wang huaiming went to kanshan power plant to conduct a safety inspection.



wang huaiming and his delegation went to the production sites, and carried out a comprehensive supervision on the production zone, c-class maintenance site of unit 2, closed coal yard reconstruction site and outsourcing team from the aspects of safety control, quality check, ecological environment management, shift team construction and identical management of outsourcing team. he also put forward a few requirements for the power plant as follows:


first, insist on attaching greater importance to work safety than production and operation. the power plant has made great improvement in on-site safety and civilized production management since the centralized regulation initiative in 2017, while there is still room for enhancement in the following fields: implementation of responsibility system, treatment of hidden danger troubleshooting, management on anti-violation of regulations and safety management of contractors.


second, pay high attention to ecological environment problems. the power plant should follow spic's requirements for ecological environment management, focus on execution, and strictly troubleshoot and rectify the existing problems, find out any problem existing in the current ecological environment management that fails to comply with the national standard or the government's requirement from various respects including air, water and solid waste, solve the problem timely, make rectification plan on the existing problem found out, and speed up the rectification work in order of importance and urgency.


third, make every endeavor to enhance operation, involving striving for more power generation rights with good management of power generation rights in hand, coordinating with sep fuel in terms of coal procurement management and fuel cost reduction, improving blend combustion of economical coal types and sludge, strengthening transformation and development of the enterprise and promoting heating supply project, sticking to cost control and reduction with the establishment of incentive mechanism and scientific utilization of equipment in stock, and accelerating the land disposal process of jiawang power plant.



the leaders of sep safety, quality and environmental protection department and production department participated in the inspection.