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wang huaiming meets spic nei mongol energy deputy party secretary

on april 17, 2019, sep president wang huaiming met with spic nei mongol energy co., ltd. deputy party secretary gu junhe and his delegation, and both sides held exchanges.



wang welcomed the visit of gu and his delegation, introduced the overall plan of "two-hundred action" and related 18 major reform tasks carried out by sep. he expressed that although sep and spic nei mongol energy differ in business operations, they are both important large integrated energy enterprise and listing platform of spic, with same reform tasks in board of directors function reform, medium and long term incentive, gross payroll filing system, professional manager system and other relevant reform matters. as trial companies of "two-hundred action", both companies should improve exchanges and communication, share resources from each other, and jointly accelerate the comprehensive reform of "two-hundred action".



gu introduced the development situation of spic nei mongol energy and major work conducted by the company since the initiation of "two-hundred action", held in-depth discussion on main problems existing in medium and long term incentive, incentive and restraint mechanism, market-oriented labor employment and related work advancement process, and proposed that both companies should strengthen communication, reinforce cooperation, learn from each other, and join hands to promote the implementation of key reform matters.



related leaders of sep human resources department, capital markets and investor relations department and policy and legal affairs department participated in the meeting.