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wang yundan, wang huaiming meet huanghe hydropower development chairman, president

on april 1, 2019, sep chairman wang yundan and president wang huaiming met with huanghe hydropower development co., ltd. chairman xie xiaoping, president wei xiangui and their delegation. huanghe hydropower development chief expert pang xiulan, deputy chief economist wang tao, sep general counsel wu ming and deputy chief engineer dai sufeng participated in the meeting.



wang yundan expressed warm welcome to the visit of huanghe hydropower development, with a detailed introduction to the company's general situation, operation and development as well as the development planning for the 13th five-year plan period. he noted that huanghe hydropower development and sep are both important subsidiaries of spic with unique advantage and good practice in power plant operation and renewable energy development, and hoped that both companies could further complement each other's advantage, and carry out further cooperation in renewable energy development and overseas development so as to realize win-win.



xie xiaoping introduced the general situation of huanghe hydropower development as well as the project results, exploration and innovation obtained in renewable energy sector. he also expressed willingness to strengthen cooperation with sep, enhance communication in renewable energy technology innovation, production supply and overseas development, and leverage respective advantage to push forward new development.



at the meeting, both sides conducted in-depth and detailed discussions on joint project development in shanghai, pv product development in third-party market, etc., and reached positive consensus that they will make concerted efforts to build renewable energy industrial platform in spic and assist the parent company in creating a world-class brand for pv industry.


major leaders of huanghe hydropower development general office, human resources department, science and technology department, sep general office, planning and development department, human resources department, science and information technology, production department, sep new energy and sep crelead joined in the meeting.