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wang yundan visits changxing island power plant on spring festival

on february 5, 2019, the first day of the lunar new year in 2019, sep chairman and party secretary wang yundan went to changxing island power plant together with a delegation, visited and extended new year greetings to all the staff. he expressed thanks to the workers sticking to their posts during the spring festival on behalf of the company, and presented holiday gifts to them.



wang arrived at the electrical, turbine and boiler, and desulfurization and denitration control room, learned about the work safety operation during the spring festival, shook hands warmly with the operation crew on duty, and conveyed season's greetings. afterwards, wang and his delegation went to the project department of sep operation, and inquired about the implementation of work safety during the holiday.



wang and his delegation listened to the work review in 2018 and key work report in 2019 delivered by the power plant general manager chen guoqiang. he praised the power plant for all the work performance in 2018, and raised a few requirements for the work in 2019 as follows:


firstly, improve technical transformation and equipment maintenance work, pay attention to work safety and environmental protection safety, maintain healthy and good operation of the equipment, enhance cadre team safety, ensure that all cadres are self-disciplined, related procedures are standard, and so that social responsibilities are better performed, and double harvest of economic and social values is realized.


secondly, enhance gas turbine planning scheme integrated with the "zero-carbon island" construction of changxing island, develop heat supply market vigorously, take the opportunity of "integrating heating pipeline with heating source" construction, meet diversified customer needs with overall planning, attempt to realize cchp in some areas in 2019, create an integrated smart energy supplier actively, further expand renewable energy market, and strive to increase benefit in renewable energy market and new business patterns.


thirdly, focus on two major projects, i.e., first, strengthen basic standard management, make sure that various environmental protection indicators meet the emission standard, and that changxing island power plant will be incorporated into sep system as a whole this year with management integration; second, realize value recreation, strengthen communication with local government, and complete the land warrant for the northern ash yard.


fourthly, enhance party construction work, and continue to improve staff caring work.



wang noted that the power plant should take safety, production, operation, development and party construction as the starting point in 2019, promote all the work implementation with high quality, accelerate the enterprise transformation and development, and strive for another splendid achievement.


the leaders of sep planning and development department, production department, fuel management department, safety, quality and environmental protection department, corporate culture department, sep engineering and sep operation participated in the visit.

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