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wang yundan visits model worker

on the early morning of february 2, 2019, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan, on behalf of sep party committee, paid a visit to zhang qingbin, chief engineer of sep operation and also the winner of shanghai may 1 labor medal, extending new year wishes to him.



wang spoke highly of zhang for his long-term diligent work, inquired after the working and studying situation of his family members, and extended thanks to zhang's family for understanding and supporting his work. he stressed that sep is resolutely pushing forward the implementation of spic's "first-class strategy in 2035" at present, and hoped zhang to carry forward the spirit of daring to shoulder responsibilities, being brave to make innovations and being good at accomplishing work, further enhance the production safety work of sep operation, explore good experience and practices of offshore wind power o&m, expand overseas o&m projects actively, and make greater contributions to sep in its attempt to become spic's pioneer and pacesetter in building a world-class clean energy enterprise.


zhang extended thanks to the caring of sep party committee, and vowed to continue to carry forward the "three thousands" hardworking spirit and complete his own job earnestly while holding himself to a high standard and playing an exemplary role.

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