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wang huaiming visits retired veteran cadre at sep operation

on the afternoon of january 28, 2019, sep president and deputy party secretary wang huaiming visited liu fulin, a retired veteran cadre of sep operation, sending caring and warmest regards from the party organization on behalf of sep party committee.



wang inquired after the health of 90-year-old liu genially, and was glad to see him with good health, full of energy and clear thinking. wang introduced sep's general situation, the company's vigorous expansion of renewable energy projects all around china, especially the "going global" experiences of developing gas-fired power, wind power and pv power projects in malta, montenegro, etc. liu told everyone present happily that he enjoyed reading the company's newspaper sep news very much, and learned about various fields of work that the company is undertaking through reading the newspaper regularly. he appreciated all the staff for their huge efforts made to sep in striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness, and hoped sep to develop better and better and make more brilliant performance. wang expressed that sep will shoulder its own responsibilities, and not only inherit the tradition, but also strive for the best, with all the staff devoting themselves to work whole-heartedly and leaving no stone unturned. finally, he wished liu a happy life and all the best.



the leaders of sep corporate culture department and sep operation joined in the visit.

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