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wang yundan inspects hami gas-fired power generation, greets frontline staff, visits military officer

on january 12, 2019, sep chairman and party secretary wang yundan and his delegation went to hami gas-fired power generation to conduct an inspection, and sent greetings to frontline staff working under harsh conditions.


wang yundan went to the central control room, inquired of the operation personnel on duty about the detailed situation of unit operation, protection against cold and freezing conditions, and equipment defect elimination, and held cordial talks with the staff, exhorting them to take care of their health, strike a balance between work and rest, and guarantee both stable operation and good health. he also expressed thanks to the staff sticking to their production posts on behalf of the company, and presented gifts to them.



having listened to the report on the work summary of 2018 and working ideas of 2019, and the special report on party construction and staff dormitory building project made by the power plant, wang yundan highly affirmed the importance of hami gas-fired power generation project, noting that the project is a circular economy project which "turned waste into wealth", is a environmental protection project which realized the transformation from resource waste into resource conservation, is a compounding project which represented the composition and innovation of coal chemical industry technically and power generation industry, the innovation through introduction, digestion and absorption, and the conversion from original innovation to new-level innovation, and is also featured with original business model embodied in the leasing of assets from luojing gas-fired power plant.



wang expressed that hami gas-fired power generation is expected to become the biggest circular economy project in asia so far, believing that the project could be built into a benchmark and model project in the industry through concerted effort. he also required the development of the project to be "gentle in appearance but firm at heart". regarding being "gentle in appearance", he asked the project company to handle the relationship with the shareholders, the 13th division of xinjiang production and construction corps, the farm and the related stakeholders properly while carrying forward the "three thousands" hardworking spirit of sep. with respect to being "firm at heart", he required the project company to strengthen party construction, enhance work safety, improve system construction, accomplish final account of the project based on qhse, and be strict with employees while caring for them.


in addition, wang raised a few requirements relating specific work as follows: first, enhance value creation, and strive for the annual goal of making profit; second, improve party construction work; third, care about the physical and psychological health of the staff; fourth, reinforce the construction of enterprise culture.


on the afternoon of january 13, wang and his delegation paid a visit to zeng chao, the commander of the 13th division of xianjiang production and construction corps. wang extended thanks to the 13th division for the support lent to hami gas-fired power generation project. zeng spoke highly of the project for its important role in the construction of naomaohu industrial park zone. both sides held a discussion on the development planning of the industry park in 2019, and reached consensus on the party construction work, enterprise development and related fields, and agreed that hami project could play a greater role in the industrial chain construction of the industry park.


sep deputy chief engineer dai sufeng, and related leaders of sep general office, international business department, production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department, corporate culture department, minhang power plant, sep operation and sep engineering participated in the inspection tour.

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