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wang yundan inspects wujing power plant on new year's day

on january 1, 2019, sep chairman and party secretary wang yundan and his delegation went to wujing power plant, expressed thanks to the staff sticking to their production posts during the festival on behalf of the company, and brought holiday greetings and presents to them.



wang yundan went to the central control room of wujing power generation and wujing thermal power plant, inquired of the operation personnel on duty about the detailed situation of unit operation, protection against cold and freezing conditions, and safety and environmental protection, held cordial talks with the staff, exhorting them to strike a balance between work and rest, and enjoy the happiness of family reunion in the new year holiday while keeping up the hard work.



subsequently, wang yundan and his delegation listened to the work review in 2018 and working ideas in 2019 by the power plant gm lu xingkang. he affirmed the power plant for the achievements made in team stability, economic indicators, work safety and environmental protection supervision, and appreciated all the staff of wujing power plant for their contributions made to the steady development of the enterprise. he noted that the power plant is an old enterprise with rich management technology and cultural connotation, and put forward a few requirements for the power plant's work in 2019 as follows:


firstly, change the idea, appreciate the situation, adapt to the trend, realize value creation, understand the new contradictions in the new situation and be able to solve them, learn from the advanced concept of new bund project, and make preparations for developing the smart energy in wujing area.


secondly, complete the staff team stability work in the transformation and development process of the enterprise, enhance the employees' new knowledge, cultivate their new capability, improve their new skills, emancipate the mind, look ahead, take the opportunity of promoting the work of "tang bin innovation studio", and push forward the special reform solidly.


thirdly, 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the prc and the liberation of shanghai. wujing power plant should continue to focus on lean management improvement, implement every work detail, formulate clear work goals, strengthen solidarity of the staff team, promote positive energy, further improve the spirit and vitality of the enterprise, and enable the old enterprise to create glory again.


the related leaders of sep general office, planning and development department, human resources department, finance department, production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department, corporate culture department and wujing power plant accompanied wang on the inspection trip.