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sep holds board strategy committee enlarged meeting of 2019

from january 17-18, 2019, sep held the enlarged meeting of the board strategy committee for 2019 in suzhou, jiangsu province. sep chairman and director of the board strategy committee wang yundan presided over the meeting, and members of the board strategy committee, independent directors and supervisory board members attended the meeting. president and board member wang huaiming, deputy party secretary and supervisor gu ai, deputy presidents guo baohong, huang chen and xia meixing and cfo chen wenhao were also present at the meeting, while spic jiangsu company chairman wei juliang and president xing lianzhong were invited to the meeting.



the meeting included the report on the company's work summary of 2018 and working concepts of 2019, the situation on the comprehensive reform pilot work of "two-hundred action" and project financing situation on hunutlu coal-fired power plant in turkey.


the board strategy committee members, directors and supervisors expressed satisfaction with the company for having accomplished and exceeded all the tasks assigned by the board in 2018 along with achievements obtained in various respects including operation, development and business management. they asked the company to further improve strategic research, actively cope with electricity market-oriented reform and other external environment changes, continue to enhance operation management level, complete risk control and prevention, and stimulate the enterprise's endogenous power through the comprehensive reform pilot program of "two-hundred action".



wang yundan stated that the company will forge ahead with innovative and enterprising spirit under the leadership of the board in 2019, go all out to realize the strategic implementation of spic, make every effort to carry out the closed-loop management system of "strategy-program-plan" and the "jykj" work execution system designed for plan, budget, assessment and incentive, effectively improve the core competitiveness for development, and strive to complete annual goals and tasks as the pioneer and pacesetter of spic.


during the meeting, the company's board directors and supervisors conducted a survey on the rooftop pv power project and gas turbine demonstration project in suzhou affiliated to spic jiangsu company.


the leaders of sep general office, planning and development department, human resources department, finance department, capital markets and investor relations department and international business department participated in the meeting.