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wang huaiming conducts safety inspection on wujing power plant

on december 14, 2018, sep president wang huaiming went to wujing power plant to conduct a safety inspection and examine the implementation of winter safety supervision.



accompanied by the power plant general manager lu xingkang, wang huaiming and his delegation checked the ammonia station and fuel dock shift team successively, inquired of the personnel on duty about the execution of anti-freezing, fire prevention and explosion-proof measures, and reviewed shift team management accounts carefully.


wang huaiming affirmed the achievements gained by fuel department of the power plant in work safety management improvement. he also raised a few requirements for the power plant's safety production and operation management as follows:


first, always stick to high standards and strict requirements for work safety, and attach greater importance to work safety than production and operation at any moment, and strengthen safety control on key sources of danger. further improve the winter work of "four checks and five prevents" for all the staff, intensify troubleshooting of defects and hidden dangers, and solve major problems timely.


second, focus on the "key minority", and urge all levels of leading cadres, especially middle-level cadres and management personnel, to perform safety management duties earnestly.


third, consolidate party construction and mass organization work according to the actual situation of the power plant, in order to guarantee stability of the team.


fourth, take comprehensive measures to enhance production and operation, and make sure to accomplish all the annual tasks and goals.


the leaders of sep production department and safety, quality and environmental protection department participated in the inspection.