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wang yundan visits yangpu district party secretary, district mayor

on november 21, 2018, sep party secretary and chairman wang yundan and his delegation visited li yueqi, secretary of yangpu district party committee, and xie jiangang, yangpu district mayor, and both sides conducted exchanges and discussions on further expediting yangshupu power plant project development and relevant matters. yangpu district standing committee member and deputy district mayor wang zhen and sep party committee member and deputy president xia meixing were also present at the meeting.


wang yundan extended thanks to yangpu district party committee and district government for their caring and support to sep. li yueqi also expressed welcome to the visit of wang yundan and his delegation.



both sides believed yangshupu power plant, in possession of century-old history and culture as well as revolutionary tradition of electricity industry, is located at a very important position at riverside area of yangpu district, and should be constructed into a high-quality, high-caliber and sustainable transformation development project. both sides will make construction planning at a high starting point, introduce good-quality strategic cooperative partners, intensify efforts to attract investment along the industrial chain, and jointly build yangshupu power plant into a new landmark integrating the "red culture", shanghai-style culture and jiangnan culture.


also present at the meeting were the leaders of yangpu district party committee office, district government office, district development and reform commission, district finance bureau, district planning and land resources administration bureau, district office of sasac, district investment service development center, pujiang office and riverside development company as well as sep general office, finance department, policy and legal affairs department and yangshupu power plant.