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shanghai-electric-power caojing power (shanghai) co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 鈥淪hanghai-electric-power caojing power鈥?


shanghai-electric-power caojing power, established in april 2007, was invested and constructed jointly by shanghai electric power and shenergy co., ltd., with a registered capital as 1.44 billion yuan. currently, the shareholding ratio of shanghai electric power in shanghai-electric-power caojing power is 65%.


the main business of shanghai-electric-power caojing power is power generation and marketing, owning 2 million-kilowatt-class ultra-supercritical coal-fired units featuring high efficiency and cleaning. this project with 2 million-kilowatt-class coal-fired unites is constructed due to the respond to the national policy of 鈥渄eveloping large units and suppressing small ones鈥? with the generator units of yangshupu power plant and minhang power plant closed down and suspended. the 2 million-kilowatt-class coal-fired units of this project, as the key project of the eleventh-five-year-plan of shanghai, have been put into production smoothly respectively in january and april 2010.

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